Italy – Magnolia named after Giovanni Falcone planted at “Beteyà Digital Farm”

Villarosa, Italy – March 2023 – On Monday, March 20, the eve of the 28th Day of Remembrance and Commitment in remembrance of the innocent victims of the mafias, a magnolia named after Judge Giovanni Falcone took root at the “Beteyà Digital Farm” in Villarosa. “Without memory there is no future; for us, today, it is essential to remember the innocent victims of the Mafia, the people who fell under the bombs of massacres and murders by the Mafia system,” said Agostino Sella, president of the Don Bosco 2000 Association. “The Mafia cannot be considered finished with the capture of Matteo Messina Denaro, because the Mafia is also a cultural attitude of which the younger generations are often victims. That is why today it is more than ever our duty to commemorate the victims, to build a better, brighter and fairer future for our land.” Thanks to the support of the Carabinieri of Biodiversity, the young magnolia, a cutting of the tree placed in Via D’Amelio, was planted by the students of the third year junior high classes of the Villarosa and Villapriolo Complexes, together with migrants, guests of the reception center run by the Don Bosco 2000 Association. A symbol of legality and sustainability, as part of the project “A Tree for the Future,” created with the aim of creating a forest spread throughout Italy, made of small trees of native species. “This plant serves to remind us of our values and make us grow with them,” explained Daniele Tagnese, agronomist in charge of the aquaponics greenhouse that “Don Bosco 2000” designed and implemented as a pilot project on land confiscated from organized crime.

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